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UHMW Side Guide Profiles

  • Exceptional notched impact strength
  • Very good sliding properties
  • Very low wear
  • High chemical resistance
  • Very good resistance to stress cracking
  • Broad range of application fields due to temperature
    resistance ranging from -200 to +90 °C
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UHMW sheet, commonly referred to as ultra-high-molecular-weight, UHMW-PE, or UHMWPE sheet, is one of our most popular engineering plastics. It provides excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals, impact and wear, and offers very low co-efficient of friction. UHMW is also non-toxic, odourless, and is highly resistant to moisture.

At Yasu, we stock a wide range of UHMW sheet that offers different characteristics. These include options such as virgin UHMW sheet, which are suitable for food contact applications and conform to FDA regulations, ceramic filled, which can be used as an alternative to sintered ceramics in high load, high-speed applications and metal detectable UHMW, which helps to reduce the risk of product contamination.

UHMW plastic sheet is commonly machined into wear strips, chain guides and change parts and is a popular engineering plastic in food processing and bottling operations. Specific grades of UHMW are also used in bulk material handling applications to line chutes, hoppers and dump trucks, helping to improve product flow and prevent against ratholing and arching.

We also supply UHMW rod and a wide range of wear strips, chain and belt guides and conveyor wear bends. A comprehensive plastic machining service utilizing highly advanced CNC technology is also available should you require.

Many grades of UHMW plastic sheet are available at Yasu Direct, please click here “UHMW Grades” for more information on each individual grade.


Key Benefits:

  • Impact strength – it is virtually unbreakable
  • Light weight – easy to handle without special equipment
  • Physiologically inert – approved for food applications
  • Electrical insulation – it is a good insulator
  • Weatherproof – it doesn’t absorb water
  • Chemical resistance – resists corrosive chemicals
  • Abrasion resistance – rated better than carbon steel for sliding abrasion applications
  • Low coefficient of friction – it does not require lubrication


  • Chute and hopper linings (flow promotion)
  • Bulk storage
  • Material handling
  • Mechanical bearing parts
  • Wear parts
  • Food machinery equipment

Standard Sheet Size:

Rod Colours: Natural, Black, Yellow


Sheet Colour: Natural


Standard Size: 2000×500, 1500×1000, 1000×1000, 2000×250, 1000×750, 1000×500, 3000×2000, 3000×1000, 2000×1000

*Note: Custom sizes, thickness and colors available upon request

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