Extruded and machined UHMW profiles

We offer you a wide range of extruded and machined profiles made of UHMW. You can choose from the most extensive range of extruded standard profiles or special profiles customized just for you.

  • UHMW extruded profiles offer excellent sliding properties and wear resistance.
  • You get your plastic profile in many shapes and cross-sections
  • Complex geometries are also available via our experienced engineers and toolmakers
  • Profiles with thin wall thickness can be achieved.
  • Some custom profiles with special surface structures are also available.

Key Benefits

  • Longer material life time
  • Less maintenance stops
  • Longer operation time between repairs
  • Lower energy/power consumption
  • Safer production environment
  • Increased productivity
  • Cost reduction


• Bottling/Packaging
• Transportation
• Chemical Processing
• Food Processing
• Industrial/Heavy Equipment
• Medical/Pharmaceutical
• Water Treatment


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