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Ground protection mat offers safe and reliable temporary access pathways, roadways, and working platforms in a wide range of environments. Yasu has ground mat solutions suitable for construction, landscaping, oil and gas, utilities, and civil engineering, etc.

We Bring One-Stop Solutions for Your Ground Protection Mat Demand

In addition to standard ground protection mat products, YASU also provides customers with diversified customization options to meet their different needs.

>> Surface: 

>> Material: Modified high-density polyethylene

>> Size: 1m×2m | 1.22m×2.44m, or Customized
3ft×6ft | 3ft×8ft | 4ft×8ft, or customized

>> Thickness: 10mm-28mm.

>> Color: Black/Red/Yellow/Green/Grey/Blue/Virgin/White, Customize to the RAL or Pantone No.

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Product Features

The ground protection mat is made of high-density polyethylene. It has excellent properties such as lightweight, high load-bearing, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, good toughness, shock absorption, and moisture resistance. It is easy to install and has a long service life. It can be used repeatedly, and it is an environmentally friendly product.

Non Slip Extruded Finish

Superior Grip

High Load-bearing

Not Crack



More Than Just Ground Protection Mat

Need customized service? Just contact our engineering team for expert support.

Integrated Handles

Yasu offers CNC machining service for ground protection mats, make them have integrated handles on both ends that facilitate the placement and the precise alignment of the panels.

Cut to Size

YASU is your competent partner for the cutting of semi-finished products. The products are scaled to your specifications with powerful machines. As part of our extensive service concept, we offer you various cutting and processing options.

black ground protection mat

Custom Logo

Yasu provides a custom logo service and you could have your company name engraved on your mats. The ideal way to recognize your plates on a construction site.

What Makes Us the Right Choice

Our Advantages

In-House Manufacturing

With our own factory of 15,000㎡ and advanced manufacturing facilities, we can respond to your requirement more quickly and more efficiently

Custom Design

In-house mold design guarantees optimum time management over the course of the project and lowers the custom molding cost.

Strict Quality Control

All produced items are inspected by our quality control department before shipped out.

Competitive Pricing

Due to our in-house manufacturing, we will have a lower price than the competition with best quality products.

Fast Delivery

Regular Rods, tubes and sheets on stock to support the fast delivery and ultimate convenience.

Get Free Samples for Ground Protection Mat!

With unrivaled experience working with engineering plastics we can provide you and your team to design material to suit your needs. 

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*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.

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