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Your trusted manufacturer of engineering plastic products

Your Powerful Partner in Engineering Plastics Solutions

Founded in 2004, Shandong Yasu New Material Co., Ltd. is an engineering plastic supplier & manufacturer with over 16 years experience.

Professional Manufacturer of all kinds of semi-finished products such as sheets, rods, tubes, flat bars, profiles and custom machined plastic parts and components.

Continuous Improvement

We continuously inspect and improve every aspect of our manufacturing to fit clients’ purpose and raise our customers’ satisfaction on a sustainable basis. The expertise and dedication of our staff are the most critical elements for the achievement of our work so that the training, seminar, and the support of our employees is our basic.

Business Philosophy

Quality is Our Top Priority

We set up and manage an in-house quality control system to guarantee the product quality.

We take pride in providing high quality, which ensures customer satisfaction, profitability and our development.

One-stop Engineering Plastics Solution

We constantly make effort to optimize the supply chain, improve production capacity and expand product lines..

With a strong supply chain, we have a definite advantage that allows us to provide you with the extensive variety of engineering plastics.

Keep Our Clients in Mind

In the spirit of partnership, we are always thinking from the customer's point of view..

We provide specialized services and cost-effective solutions for engineering plastics, which leads to increased margins for both us and our clients..

Dedicated to Serve Our Customers

Skilled staff provide professional services. Our well-trained employees are competent for responding to your requirements..

We keep improving our after-sales service policy to ensure your problems have a quick and proper solution..

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*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.

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