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With over 15 years experience working with engineering plastics we can assist you with  developing and machining plastics parts that are perfect fit for your specific applications.


Materials can make a real difference. We deliver a wide range of materials from HDPE , UHMW-PE, Polypropylene to Polyurethane, Rubber, etc. to match your special requirements best.

Quality Assurance

A lasting quality assurance program to ensure that everything, from plastics powder to finished parts are of the highest quality. See the stages our inspection process goes through.


YASU provides a wide range of compression molded, extruded and precision-machined components from a variety of engineering plastic materials to meet made-to-order OEM industrial products.

UHMW Sheet
UHMW Profiles
UHMW Machied Parts
UHMW Liner
Marine Fender Pad
Outrigger Pad
Solar Tracker Bearing
Borated Polyethylene
HDPE Sheet
HDPE Color Core
Rubber Screen Panel

Industries We Served

Thanks to the continuous research and study in engineering plastics and the development of new products, we have the ability to meet challenges from various industries.

What Makes Us the Right Choice

Our Advantages

With unrivaled experience working with engineering plastics we can provide you and your team to design material to suit your needs. We handle the entire process from quotation request through to production of the finished product.

In-House Manufacturing

With our own factory of 5,000㎡ and advanced manufacturing facilities, we can respond to your requirement more quickly and more efficiently

Custom Design

In-house mold design guarantees optimum time management over the course of the project and lowers the custom molding cost.

Strict Quality Control

All produced items are inspected by our quality control department before shipped out.

Competitive Pricing

Due to our in-house manufacturing, we will have a lower price than the competition with best quality products.

Fast Delivery

Regular Rods, tubes and sheets on stock to support the fast delivery and ultimate convenience.

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