Plastics For Transportation

Plastics For Transportation

With our range of engineering plastics, polyurethane, and moulded plastic products YASU is at the forefront of all segments of the transport industry. The demands implicit in today ‘s transport architectures are evident in all branch divisions.

Whether it’s rail, road, air or sea, they all deal with the same concerns-excessive wear, weight reduction, vibration, friction, hot and cold environments, harsh operating conditions, heavy loading and cost saving.

YASU’s experience and expertise gained in developing solutions for one industry segment provide us with a basis for developing solutions across other segments.

Compared with conventional manufacturing materials, such as copper, sintered bronze stainless steel, YASU can help to reduce costs and lead times. Plastic rods such as Nylon, UHMWPE allow the plastic component self-lubricating an outstanding option.

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