Quality Assurance

A lasting quality assurance program to ensure that everything, from plastic powder to finished parts are of the highest quality. See the stages our inspection process goes through.

Benefit from Our Quality Control Process

Raw Material

Incoming Quality Control

We have established a series of rigid evaluation standards to regularly evaluate the suppliers of raw materials as well as the quality of materials, the delivery time, and costs.

To prevent quality issues before they can affect production units, our inspectors will test the incoming materials and components by strictly following AQL.

Mold Making

Accuracy Starts from Mold Making

Mold making determines whether the engineering plastic products will match the drawing precisely.

By utilizing our professional molding knowledge and experience, engineers proficiently control the accuracy of metal molds, from design to mold making.

Production Process

Quality Control in Manufacturing

Engineers, quality inspectors and operators supervise the production process to make sure that the products meet the required quality standards.

Working with YASU, you will get the engineering plastic products that have the same specification, appearance, and performance as request.

Full Inspection

100% Final Inspection

We conduct final and complete inspection on each stock of goods to ensure that the products we deliver are perfect.

Any defective parts can be identified and exchanged for qualified products before delivery.

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