UHMW Semi-finished Products

Your trusted manufacturer of UHMW semi-finished products

UHMW Semi-finished Products

We produce a variety of semi-finished and machined UHMW products including sheet, rod, and tube. They can be made with different dimensions and colors to meet your request. We offer various cutting and processing options and they can also be directly pre-lathed, pre-drilled, or pre-milled. Kindly contact us for your customized options.

Why Order from Us?

We can extrude sheets up to 3 m in width and 20m in length and press-molded sheets up to 2.5m×6m. And the rod and tube can be produced with a small or large diameter as your requirements. We subject our products to permanent inspections in all phases of the production process.

Key Benefits

Designed for Your Application

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UHMW Semi-finished Products Custom Options

Industrial Customization

Custom Fabrication

Various processing techniques are ready to achieve your specifications. We will offer the best way to suit your part details, tolerances, quantities.

Custom Formulation

Our technical knowledge and expertise in engineering plastics help you to select the right formulation for your specific application.

Stock Shapes

Regular sheet, rods, tubes and profiles on stock to support the fast delivery and ultimate convenience for you.

Low Minimum Order

All of our products are available with Low minimum order quantity, no hidden setup charges and fast lead times.

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*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.


*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.